TPP Registration

This page provides information and instructions for representatives of organisations that have been authorised as “Third Party Providers” (TPPs) under the second Payment Services Directive (PSD 2). If your organisation has not yet been authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), you will not be able to register with Hampden & Co.

In order to gain access to our modified interface you must first register with us and provide your details and credentials on the “TPP Registration” screen.

The “TPP Registration” screen requires all fields to be completed to register successfully. The EIDAS certificate is checked for validity and that it contains the appropriate permissions for the PSD2 services that the TPP wishes to offer.

After successful registration, the Completion page displays the EIDAS certificate details, as well as the API Secret and Client ID for the TPP. Both pieces of information must be saved securely for use when accessing the PSD2 services. The API Secret is not recoverable after this screen, while a new one can be issued if requested, this will invalidate the previous secret.

Once this information has been entered and you have received the necessary credentials, the full documentation can be requested by E-mailing A TPP will then be required to obtain the client’s consent.

The documentation includes:

  • OAUTH and Open ID token access
  • Service discovery endpoint
  • End User Authentication & Consent
  • Refresh token usage
  • AISP & PISP services